Digital art animated to illustrate the intrinsic link between freedom and privacy, and that it is the only way society will move to the blockchain technology that will save the world. Morality wins when when no one can argue there are obstacles to ensuring it. Help advocate this simple but essential logic, and we will find ourselves in that new world faster than anyone can imagine. Though perhaps AI will just do it and not give us the choice, else we could make the wrong one. Let me at least live to see individuals' data from engaging with the [digital] world is returned to or compensated directly for; a world with no middle men thanks to trust-less automation will be a very prosperous one full of artists and social workers and only people doing what they love. An idealistic dream, but one built in logic. 
Digital art depicting scenes animated to illustrate the high value placed on our right to privacy in the offline world. Produced as creative director at web3 application development startup with the world's literal technological first: a financial regulator approved privacy protocol that can be used by anyone who uses smart contracts, and even effortlessly scaled, no new code languages, and applied as a layer to existing DeFi apps who want to give their users legal privacy when using their dapp. When it comes to freedom, privacy is a right we will now carry into our participation in the rapidly approaching technological shift to decentralized digital infrastructure — quite possibly a key to pulling the world out of poverty, letting everyone be the VIP they are just by being human. 
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