OpenSea Art Illustration NFT Collection 

A collection of 28 NFTs minted on OpenSea, soon to be available on other marketplaces as well. 
Deconstructing the shapes of love. Simple nudes stitched into visual poetry about failure in finding belonging among the mid-20s gay social cliques of Los Angeles, CA. Progress through the emotive experience via four sub-categories. 

1. “warm” — ​​​​​​​
— Discovery of firsts. Beach-mom vibes — mom-jeans + sandcastle feelings. Unmistakably nostalgic. 
2. “aggressors” —
— tumbling testosterone. Bleeding boundaries dissolve into ecstatic discovery. 
3. “abstraction” —
— pausing to process human experience. Follow the mind into the abstract. Expansion and retraction. Falling apart and, always, coming back together. Throw it all apart. Come back together with new perspectives.
4. “love forms” —
— Full circle. Again, hunting for shapes of love. Now, through newly learned lenses. Also a few aliens. Please describe to me the physics of desire. I bleed out of me and into you. Two into one. Or perhaps, one subject holding the presence of two. 
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