Intricately drawn digital art scene depicting the luxury that this web3 startup's expertly-coded, regulations-approved, zero knowledge proof-based protocol will inadvertently push global living standards towards. Finally, privacy for anyone using a smart contract, in fact any smart contract. A protocol layer that turned catalyst ushering in a coming technological shift so efficient, it reallocates global resources — namely, our data of basically everything, excess capital squandered on labor that could be automated were the world not stuck in a dated corporate management structure — simply by design. But it was a design that would never have been fully adopted without that lovely little privacy option. Life offline can now be as private as life online and the people are here for it! 
Be prepared. Likely to shift this century, you'll probably end up having a lot of free time. Fewer employees in every industry over time, replaced by the free labor that is automation + robotics + general AI can only end with things become far cheaper. 

Imagine being home on a weekday, bored. You pull out your phone, open a dapp, and turn on the setting to "share" your behavioral data with the dapps partner advertising DAO. In return, rather than companies stealing data to strategize ads they arbitrarily pay to have made and then to place, they will slurp up your data into their database, feed it to their data scientists and potentially a quantum computer — meaning there is no reason our efficiency-focused system can't almost instantly pay you top dollar for those bits of data that better informed the systems ad targeting and thus effectiveness. Perhaps it'll be  pennies for your online behavior, perhaps dollars, but that change will be coming in constantly for any data you consent to sell, in a world where everything now costs pennies and dollars. 

Meanwhile, we'll put our kids in arts schools, or learn to paint, maybe take violin lessons. Whatever talent you can find that gives you something to provide to the data monster for your pennies. 

Image a generation of angrily bored elders who grew up in our old meritocracy and think the new world of making income by participating in online society feels vaguely like communism will slowly pass from the collective. With each confused soul lost, the young will gain space and confidence to love their new normal. Work is subjective, right? 

But if *not* communism, perhaps a free market shared resource economy is a fitting term. The freedom to choose a living still exists, even while now everything can be easily afforded by everyone: the nicest dwellings and clothes made to last and to impress. 

It is then we will start to wonder, what is luxury? Was luxury? The word requires comparison of social class material ownership. But when the good life is all but given freely to anyone willing to play a game online or post their whereabouts or share their interests, will we find a new word? More likely a new definition. Success has changed; shifting to being part of the collective in some way. 

All those new decentralized companies, running leaderless thanks to infallible tech that uses un-hackable encryption and ledger distribution tactics mixed with some freaky AI that troubleshoots itself; this ushers in a great equalization that all but eliminates classist income gap. All by employing mathematical innovation into our a free market economy. Life is good. 
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